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How To Choose A Bivvy?

A Bivvy is down to personal preference, but for most anglers, they look for features to include:


Price point – is it affordable?
To be honest, I would wait to save-up for a good bivvy, rather than rushing and purchasing a cheaper alternative.

Easy to assemble – How fast can you put it up?
When its dark, windy or raining (or all three!) The quicker a Bivvy goes up the better.

Size – one man, two-man.
Is it adequate for the size and height of the person purchasing it?

Waterproof Rating – It need to stay dry
All of the top bivvies should be rated via a hydro-static head rating, which is represented as a value in millimeters. When comparing these waterproof ratings, the higher the value (mm), the more waterproof the bivvy should be.

Weight – Is it light to carry?
A bivvy can weigh a lot, so think how far you need to carry, or the weight your barrow will become with a bivvy and all other fishing equipment on it.

Storage Size – When all packed up
Can you easily store it when all packed away, do you have the room?

Wear & tear – is it going to last for years?
Even the most careful fisherman can have an accident, the Bivvy need to be hard-wearing to withstand any accidents.

Brand – some people only trust certain brands.

Addons – Different Skins
Single skin and also with a winter skin option available as an added extra.

Colour – Green, camo etc…



There are many other considerations, personally, I would rather invest in a bivvy that is going to last me a few years, and have a lot of use. A Bivvy for all seasons is the best, one that you can open up in the summer, but in the winter and extra skin to keep out the wind and damp.

My Personal Recommended Selection Of Bivvies To Choose From Are:

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